Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jesse James is sad and stuff....

Sorry Jesse but doing high profile interviews crying like a actor trying to find work after doing Power Rangers isn't getting you anywhere in life! You broke the heart of America's sweetheart after she did another adorable thing like adopting a baby boy. Do you really think we can overlook that? And lets not even get into "what" you cheated her Sandra with..... Below is an exert from his interview and you can read the rest her at: Yahoo

"You cheated on your wife," Vicki told him.

"Yup," he responded, adding, "I took a pretty amazing life and marriage and threw it away."

Yep you did! Very Disrespectful!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Glee get your life together!!!!

What the frick Glee! You do a Madonna dedicated episode, ok I can live with that. I means she's a legend and made pretending to be a virgin hot. What's not to love? Then you do a Lady Gaga episode, again I let you pass because chick is the flavor of the moment, but push that awkward looking and flat singing Finn character down a zillion flight of stairs when you give 100% test clone Britney Spear an episode before Janet. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge B. Spears fan, chick puts on only showstopping performances!(Old Britney)However, Janet made it possible for us to enjoy the female sexuality that Britney Spears flaunts so carelessly. The woman writes, sings, produces, dances, won every award possible, sold millions of records and so much more but some how you neglect giving her a Glee dedicated episode?
I'm V-E-R-Y Disrespected!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

American Idol...umm...yeah

Compliment sandwich time! American Idol(AI) first off allow me to thank you for the amazing entertainment you've provided to myself and the countless other Americans who enjoyed your show in the past. (The good) However, this season sucks! The clear front runner Lee De-something, though extremely talented, lacks type star quality and confidence! The rest of the contestants have been even worse.(The Bad) Simon your still very entertaining to watch.(Also good)

The Sandwich is done! Enjoy ^_^

American Idol you were great when the contestants weren't boring, no star quality, guitar playing people with REAL lives. Oh yeah and the major downfall came when you didn't put it in the budget for Paula to get her special "medical" pills and made her quite! AI I'm very disrespected by your inability to produce a show that keeps my gerbil like attention span for more than 2 minutes!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Prepare yourself...

Rihanna just isn't edgy anymore. All the things she does now just seem forced. Releasing a song like Russian Roulette is screaming look at me I bad cause I sing about dangerous games. (SMH) Then this new look is too much for my soul. The odd hair no one but her would rock isn't making me think cutting edge, but WTF!!! I miss the Rihanna who relied of subtle elements that allowed fans to see how edgy she was (the hair, sound, and confidence all felt so natural) This new Riri is just doing too much...

Friday, October 2, 2009

I need my Game Fix!!!

YO!!!! This is the big rant of the day. Why am I not seeing new The Game episodes on BET yet? I mean I understand license negotiations can take awhile, but this is just too much. That show is too good to let it slip into the abyss of flop shows. CBS if you don't want it don't try to hold another network from getting it. One mans trash is anothers treasure. I feel EXTREMELY DISRESPECTED right now! Bring back The Game..

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People we need a Banner and Design!!!!

Fellow Disrespectors I have been looking at the banner and the site layout and it looks like SUPER TRASH. We need a new one that's EDGY and SHADE worthy. So if you think you have the skill to design a layout email me

Rihanna's New Career!!!

Rihanna is a singer. Since when, the last time I heard of her using that talent she was going bad! Are the Rihanna fans Disrespected by the fact that Riri's only talent now is looking hot and taking pics?